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One of AATI’s objectives is to establish links with institutions, companies, chambers of commerce, associations or individual and corporate clients from all over Argentina and the world so that members can contact potential users of translation and interpreting services. Every job request we receive through our website or by e-mail is forwarded to our members, so that those who are interested can contact users directly.

AATI is not a translation agency and does not impose rates. However, even though the market is deregulated, members must follow the Association’s Code of Ethics and reject substandard or non-professional rates or working conditions. If you need services from a translator or interpreter, fill in the Service Request form or browse the Member Directory. For a chart of the recommended professional fees, click here. Your request will be sent to all our members, and the professionals interested in offering the service will contact you directly.

Important Information

When hiring the services of a translator or interpreter, keep in mind the following:

  • Translation and interpretation are not synonyms. Translation is the rendering of a text from the source language to the target language in written form, while interpretation is exclusively oral
  • Neither translation nor interpretation are amateur activities: they require training, specialization, skills and professional conduct. Do not trust the text you wish to translate or the event you are organizing to enthusiasts or students: hire professionals only.
  • Good translators and interpreters care about the quality of the work they produce, so please answer their questions, provide them with guidance material, and listen to their linguistic advice.
  • Quality translations take time. Think about the time it took you to produce the material you wish to translate, and remember that the translator will rewrite that same text.

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